Friday, November 21, 2008

WKRP Thanksgiving

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

We've Moved

To try and keep everything together we've moved the blog!
Go to agree to be offended by adult content and follow the blog there

Monday, August 25, 2008

Maudlin Monday

Frank was on time! No winners in the 'Frank's Late' pool

Doria attended 2 weddings this weekend ... (Lesbians are going to fuel the economy with nasty divorces ... mark my words)

Frank sent the "2008 Home Gong Show video of MeatAss" it's now posted on the Silly Shit blog @ NFD

Frank's disappointed they don't have "Down Deep Inside" in the system ... he "loves a good fisting song"

Karen Carpenter is still dead

Caller Chris enjoyed "Affinity" this weekend ... there's a twist


Doria has no internet today so she can't see 'MeatAss'

Celebrity news and gossip ... That fuckin' Cyrus girl again!? who cares??? ... Miley is having her birthday party early at Disneyland during 'Gay Days' ... (Run her down you silly Queens) ... "Wouldn't it be good if they had the 'Black Party' in Cinderella's castle while Miley's there! Theme it with all the Disney Villians" Frank DeCaro "Seven dwarfs naked in shackles! Snow White's revenge"

Still talking Disney

CR Called about Frank's long gone porn star days

Terri Hatcher's uncle died ... "He'd been serving a 14 year sentence for molestation" ... "He won't be making Miley's birthday party" Frank DeCaro

Mickey Rooney in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" is "offensive to Asians and over the top racist" ... (some paper reports)


Mad Men chat


Hour 2 ... (It'll either get better or worse)

Mad Men chat continues ... (You have to see the Season 1 dvds before trying to get into Season 2) ... It's a subtle show with many layers, like an onion

(I really am trying to find Lesbian Porn for the ladies who've joined NFD Pervs ... but damn it's a 'tough nut to crack' ... if you have any suggestions of where we can find some email us)

Dennis Dermody Cimemaniac Report ... see his articles at ... Long segment today lots of fun stuff

Derek Hartley held a pool party this weekend and Frank's friend was so self-conscious he wouldn't take his shirt off or even sit down ... (Twinks are troublesome) ... Scale tales of Twinks weighing themselves ... (My that Derek knows how to throw a party)


Frank gets Sushi in an hour ... chat about the weekend and food eaten ... "Heirloom tomatoes off the vine. Pasta with fresh tomato and vegetables from the garden" ... "We had to go to Target ... I was so full from lunch but I really want a Hot Fudge Sundae" Frank DeCaro ...

Callers encourage Frank's fat behavior ... Breanne got hung up on ... Frank's man-boobs soak sweat through his shirts ... and for this he takes pride ... Frank is frisky but it won't last long enough for Jim to enjoy it

Fall Movie Previews "I like a dopey popcorn movie" Frank DeCaro ... Nick Cage ... whom we don't like ... has a new movie "Bangkok Dangerous" ... Tyler Perry's "The Family that Preys" ... "The Women" ... "Righteous" with Pacino & Deniro ... and other shit coming to a theater near you

Friday, August 22, 2008

Special Contributor

Doria found this
Engrish picture of a pack of toilet paper labeled glory hole wipers
more the engrish!

Flip-Flop Friday

Will it be Fabulous or Faulty?

"Ugly Friday on the subway today" starts out the show on a good note! ... Frank's thrill of the day "A lady with big knockers, huge boobs, was reaching across scratching her right shoulder so her arm was covering a boob ... well I thought she had a boob hanging out ... but it was an elbow no nipple. You don't see these things in a car or riding a bike"

Colin Biddle "looks like Sean Cassidy in his hay-day" according to one of Doria's friend's.

Unscreened today! ... If the calls make Frank laugh he'll sing "Pineapple Princess" ... (Unscreened rules to be posted later)

chit chat about Frank asking Sexy Jim Colucci "Are you alright?" constantly


Michael Levine PR Guru next ... phone interview ... The enchanting Tori called in to express her excitement over the interview and plug her charity "Trannies Without Trust Funds" ... (Just when we thought the show was leaning towards Flop)

Annie Lennox chat ... Mr Greg doesn't like her! and wants to shave her head ... (Mr Greg is also straight so his judgment is suspect anyway) ... Lily Tomlin pruning trees news photo contributed by Frank DeCaro "He's got a beaver and a hardhat .. what more could you ask for? Lesbians"

Sordid Lives talk promised ... maybe next hour??? .. (I got a promise of next hour from Frank)

CR calls and gets hung up on

Weight Watchers Update ..... "Still fat! but down another 1/2 pound ... almost 38 pounds lost so far" ... (he could've said almost 200#s lost so far ... almost is so vague)


Hour 2 ... 1 hour closer to Unscreened!

YES Sordid Lives chat! ... (this show needs to be longer) ... We're informed that F&D have a listener ship of as many as 24 now!

Lisa Arcella gossip ... Vegan Cake recipe ... (Yuck, I could never be vegan ... If it didn't have a face it ain't dinner!)

Frank's ultimate office

The link to the Wacky Races Frank was talking about .. Frank believes he & Doria are 3rd Gruesome Twosome

More Celeb gossip

Breaking News ... I sent a link to a story about a fish swimming up a boy's penis and they choose to do some Grange Queen thing?????


Unscreened rules:
Call 866-305-6887
Turn your radio down!!!
They'll call out your area code
You say whatever you want ... just make it fun or funny ...
(it's the best segment on the show)

Munsters Porn chat again ... but now Frank is obsessed over new Munsters shit ...

Unscreened up next ... read the fuckin' rules please

Bill accused Frank of having a funny show once ... "Over produced" was also stated ... (If he let himself be produced at all it would be a start)

"Frank wakes up with pizza in his CPAP machine" Doria Biddle

Unscreened is NOW up next .... Frank threatens to sing if it's a good segment

Frank wants to sing now! ... Doria wins and the break ... (see overproduced)

Movie news ... (at least it was about current movies and not "Airport '77")

Crank call .. 'I have a cock that as big around as a pop can and over 12" long. When I stick it in ..." the call dropped =( ... Mike called back ... he named his cock 'Shrek' because it's so big ... "Should I reduce it or not" ... Doria's reply "Yes cut it off!" as she makes chainsaw noises

Watermelon fucker called in ... he's making a movie "Fucking Fruits"

Pierre from MO agreed with Doria ... (first time in years we believe)

Pineapple Princess to close the show ... Frank threatens to attend Derek's party this weekend

have a great weekend all and ... be naughty go watch some porn!